Disaster Recovery Assessment ...

Your business depends more and more on your IT infrastructure and digital data. Backing up your data once a week or even nightly is a good start, but it is not enough to keep you business going in the event of a disaster.

Just a backup copy of your data won’t help if it is stored locally on site and you cannot get access to your business due to fire, a local chemical spill, a natural disaster, a water or natural gas leak.

  • How do you get access to your critical systems, applications, and data in an emergency?
  • What are your critcal applications and their requirements?
  • How do you inform your staff of what is going on. what to do, where to go?
  • Who is going to answer the phone?
  • How do you notify your key customers and vendors to inform them of a delay in processing or shipping?

Bottom line, how do you get back in business and not affect the bottom line after a disaster?

Global Communications can assess your business continuity needs and deliver an action plan to resolve gaps in your business continuity and mitigate potential risks that can affect your business operations. We can even provide a hot site with office space for critical staff and the technology you need in an emergency to keep your business running. Or as an alternative setup a virtual office environment for people to work from home effectively.

Contact Global Communications today and sleep better at night.